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The Rusty Pickle Stained Glass & Glassery; your home for those hard to find stained glass precut shapes. "We help you create awesomeness on piece of glass at a time."


This is a mix containing very small, small and up to 2" pieces of transparent and opaque glass of all types and colors.  Perfect for mosaic fills and backgrounds, jewelry or crafts .  All glass in each box will vary but will be similar to the pictures.


The photos show representative colors and variety.  No two boxes will be exactly alike and the number of pieces in each box will vary, but each will have lots of incredible colors.  The boxes contained glass that has not been tumbled or cleaned.  The edges and points are very sharp.  Please keep them out of reach of children and pets.


Please Note: The color of the glass in the picture may depend on your computer monitor settings, lighting or room décor and may depend on whether the glass is back lit or reflecting ambient light or sunlight.  Glass may need cleaning on arrival.  Salvaged glass may have dust, debris, sharpie marks or Chap Stick on them.  Pieces generally clean up easily with soap and water.  Unfortunately, I cannot clean every piece before it goes in the recycle bin.  


Please understand that our scrap glass is not going to be shipped pretty.  It will likely be placed in a Ziploc bag, doubled paper sack, etc. before being placed in a flat rate box. Take care in opening as the box will be super packed with glass scrap.  


SHIPPING (DOMESTIC, USA): As our customer, you will not pay an additional fee for shipping. The price you see includes the product and the shipping cost needed to send to you. Most always, we use USPS to deliver our precut products. Regardless of what shipping service we use, you will receive a tracking number once one has been assigned.


Please refer to your purchase receipt showing days for us to prepare your order before it is shipped from our shop to you. 


Please note that the colors and textures included in each order will likely be different than the ones in the pictures (obviously, this makes sense). You should also know that the colors presented on your computer screen are likely different as your computer monitor settings and your lighting in your home may be different than mine.


SHIPPING (INTERNATIONAL FROM USA): We are sorry but we do not offer international shipping at this time.


Mike & Cindy
The Rusty Pickle Stained Glass & Glassery

2 Lbs. Scrap Glass

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