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There were 404, 1" Amber Mix Triangles in this picture.  The winner of this contest was Tom with a guess of 412.  The lowest guess was 38 and the highest guess was 1000.

Contest: Guess how many 1" amber mix triangles are in the pic and you win all of them. If your guess is closest, we will ship them to you completely free (SORRY .. THIS IS A USA CONTEST ONLY. We will not ship internationally). Before proceeding, know that we will need your first name, your email address and your guess. Your email is needed to contact you. We will not trade or sell your email (that's just not cool!). The end of this contest will be July 3rd. Winner will be announced on this page on July 3rd and will be contacted by us by email. Happy guessing. Mike & Cindy @ The Rusty Pickle Stained Glass & Glassery.

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