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Our Vendor Reviews

Who and why we do business with ...  Bottom line, great customer service and great value is top on our list for doing business with people.

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Happy Glass Art Supply

We use Happy Glass Art Supply when we are in need of sheet glass that can be shipped quickly. These folks are located in WA State and they are super helpful.  The owner's name is Irene and she has always been terrific to work with.  For example, one time we were trying to place an order and our computer was acting up.  We texted Irene and she suggested we call and place the order. This was pretty late in the evening.  We took her up on her suggestion and she helped us place the order really fast.  We also prefer using Happy Glass Art Supply because we love the selection of glass, the glass swatches online match the actual color when they are received, the glass always arrives in one piece because they do an awesome job packing, the glass arrives really clean, and most importantly, the ID stickers they use come off very easily with just water.  That may seem a little trite but it's a biggie in our book.

5/5 stars



His Glassworks

If you have a Taurus 3 ringsaw, you probably have at some point replaced the bearings, belts, foot guide, etc.  We use our ringsaw a lot; sometimes hours at a time.  Although they are pretty tough, you've got to stay up on keeping the thing running good.  We use His Glassworks for the sole purpose of buying the parts needed to keep our ringsaw in top shape.  Their selection is great, their pricing is comperable (and sometimes a little cheaper) to other vendors and shipping time is pretty darn quick.  All items can be purchased online.  If you need to speak to a representative, the sales manager's name is Elise Stephan.  She has always been pretty helpful if I've had a billing question.  The only drawback to this company is that they often have to backorder replacement parts for our ringsaw.  Although I understand keeping inventory is expensive, it is a little frustrating when you have to wait for a replacement part.  All in all, good company to do business with and we will continue to do so.

5/5 stars 


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