STAINED GLASS TRIANGLES (Yellow System 96 © Oceanside Compatible Fusible Glass Precut Shape)


The Rusty Pickle Stained Glass & Glassery; your home for those hard to find stained glass precut shapes. "We help you create awesomeness on piece of glass at a time."


Tired of trying to make triangle shapes on your own only to have them break or come out "asymmetrical?" Your solution is finally here! We love making triangle shapes and we are really good at it. You ar purchasing Oceanside compatible System 96 © Yellow Fusible glass precut.  Our triangles are perfect for craft projects, mosaics, picture frames, stained glass projects, tile projects, lantern projects, glass on glass, jewelry making, scrap booking, or any other idea you can come up with. Our glass is not fusible glass; it is stained glass. The Rusty Pickle Stained Glass & Glassery offer a variety genuine stained glass triangles in three popular sizes (1/2", 3/4" and 1"). Additionally, we offer a variety of weights (1/4 lb., 1/2 lb., 3/4 lb. and 1 lb.) and quantities. Other sizes and quantities are available upon request. The thickness of the glass is 1/8" +/-. Each triangle has been cut by us. We do not water jet cut any of our precuts. Our goal is to provide you with a triangle that is within a 1/32" accuracy (although we are more 'dead-on' than not). You can feel confident that each stained glass triangle you receive from us meets our high quality standards and is crafted with a high degree of personal workmanship.


PRICING: Wt., Approx. Qty, - Size (Cost)

(All costs include shipping)

Note: Price shown before disount (5% Off Discount Applied at Checkout)


1/4 lb., 170 pcs. - 1/2" Triangles ($13.00 USD)

1/2 lb., 340 pcs. - 1/2" Triangles ($16.00 USD)

3/4 lb., 510 pcs. - 1/2" Triangles ($19.00 USD)

1 lb., 680 pcs. - 1/2" Triangles ($22.00 USD)


1/4 lb., 75 pcs. - 3/4" Triangles ($14.00 USD)

1/2 lb., 150 pcs. - 3/4" Triangles ($17.00 USD)

3/4 lb., 225 pcs. - 3/4" Triangles ($20.00 USD)

1 lb., 300 pcs. - 3/4" Triangles ($23.00 USD)


1/4 lb., 45 pcs. - 1" Triangles ($15.00 USD)

1/2 lb., 90 pcs. - 1" Triangles ($18.00 USD)

3/4 lb., 135 pcs. - 1" Triangles ($21.00 USD)

1 lb., 180 pcs. - 1" Triangles ($24.00 USD)


ORDERING: We run a 14 day lead on all orders. Please understand that we consider each order we receive as a "custom order." As such, you can expect your order to ship from our shop on or before the 14th day of the date you place your order. If you would like us fast track and RUSH your order to ship from our shop on or before the 7th day of the date your place your order, please purchase the "RUSH ORDER" (found on the product listings). The cost for doing so will be $20 USD. When you are ready to place your order, select the "Qty, Size (Cost)" option from the item’s "Select an Option" drop-down menu. If you have a question, you can click the "Contact Us to Purchase" button on the item quick view screen to send an email. For special orders or special instructions, you can (and should) leave a note with your order. For example, if you are wanting a color run (say ... the color blue) rather than amber, leave a note at the time of ordering stating "Please send only a color run of blue's." You can also choose to ship us your glass and we will cut the size precut shape you need. We recognize that this is a unique option for our customers and we often do this - it is not a problem. We will return the precuts we have crafted and any of your unused glass back to you. Unfortunately, we do not discount from the prices shown when you send us your own glass to be made into precuts. However, we will pay to ship your precuts and unused glass back to you when the job is complete. If you choose to send us your glass, please leave a note at the time of purchasing that you are doing so. This way, we can keep a look out for the glass. Your glass needs to be shipped to: The Rusty Pickle Stained Glass & Glassery (C/O Mike Smith); 20795 White Lightning Trail; Wheatland, MO 65779.


DRILLED HOLES: 2.5 mm holes can be drilled into your precut at an additional charge (separate listing) of .80 cents per hole. We will only drill holes in the 1" triangles. Make sure you order the total number of holes you are wanting us to drill (usually it corresponds with the total number of a particular precut you are ordering). It's also good to leave a note at the time of ordering in order to provide us with specific instructions.


SHIPPING (DOMESTIC, USA): As our customer, you will not pay an additional fee for shipping. The price you see includes the product and the shipping cost needed to send to you. Most always, we use USPS to deliver our precut products. Regardless of what shipping service we use, you will receive a tracking number once one has been assigned. Please refer to your purchase receipt showing days for us to prepare your order before it is shipped from our shop to you. Your precuts will be carefully packed in order to eliminate the possibility of scratching and chipping on their way to your home/business. You should also know that the colors presented on your computer screen are likely different as your computer monitor settings and your lighting in your home may be different than the real colors of the glass.


SHIPPING (INTERNATIONAL FROM USA): We are sorry but we do not offer international shipping at this time.


RETURNS AND REFUNDS: We believe that at the foundation of every good sale needs to include outstanding communication. We will do our very best to communicate with you regarding your order. In return, we expect that you will do your very best to effectively communicate with us what you want your order to be. If you receive an item from us that is incorrect or damaged, we will correct the order that we screwed up at no charge to you. However, if you receive an item from us that is incorrect as a result of you, we prefer to know about it and work together to solve the problem. We think that is only fair. We recognize that we are not always correct, and we understand that sometimes the customer is not always right (against popular belief). Part of being human is making mistakes from time to time. In short, if there is a problem, let’s talk like we are partners in solving the issue rather than going for the throat and placing blame and demands.


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