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You are purchasing either:

  • 2 mm drilled hole (.80 for each hole)
  • 2mm drilled hole with inserted copper eyelet ($1.00 for each hole w/eyelet)


At checkout, choose the total number of precuts (stained glass precuts measuring 1" or greater - non-dichroic) you want a hole drilled into.  


Be sure to leave a note as to what precuts (and quantity) you want a hole drilled into.  For example: If you are purchasing 20, 1-1/2" clear circles and want only 10 of those to have a hole, state "Only drill holes in 10 of the 20, 1-1/2" clear circles."  Consequently, only order 10 drilled holes (10 x .80 = $8.00 USD).  The hole will be drilled approximately 1/8" from edge of precut.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE CLEAN SIDE TO THE HOLE (the side the drill enters precut).  TYPICALLY, THE EDGE OF THE BACK SIDE OF THE DRILLED HOLE (side the drill exits the precut) WILL NOT BE AS CLEAN OF A CUT THAN THE FRONT SIDE (This is totally unavoidable).  If this is undesirable to you, don't purchase this item.  Also be aware that adding a hole in your precut may create a weak spot in the precut and may cause a break.  By purchasing this option, we are only guaranteeing that the precut with hole will arrive to you unbroken.


The pictures shown are 2 mm holes drilled in our 2" stained glass clear/textured circles.

2 mm Drilled Hole Upcharge

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